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    Wuxi Hongguang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a provincial high-tech enterprise listed on the new third board with a registered capital of 70.95 million yuan. The company was established in December 2001, is located in Wuxi High-tech Industrial Park, covers an area of 38.2 acres.

    Company's current packaging forms include: MEMS, DFN, QFN, SOP8, ESOP8, HZIP25, HSIP14 and other dozens of products, and are widely used in mobile phones, computers, smart TVs, wearable devices, white goods and other fields. The company has long been committed to semiconductor packaging and testing, has begun to take shape, and has a certain level of production technology and technology.

    After listing in 2014, our company started to cooperate with KEC, a listed company in South Korea, and the progress is smooth. Through the cooperation with KEC, the management level and technical level of our company have been greatly improved, and the product quality has been greatly improved, so that our products can directly serve the well-known enterprises such as "Samsung of South Korea, LG company, Canon of Japan, Panasonic, Donghai physical and chemical, Sanken", etc., and have successfully passed the audit of these enterprises and become their reliable suppliers. With the continuous expansion and improvement of the scale and technical level of sealing and testing, the gap between us and the international level is getting smaller and smaller.

    With the success of the company's listing on the New Third Board, the company's development has entered the fast lane at the same time. The addition of investment companies and various stabilization funds has contributed to the development of the company and has played a certain role in optimizing the company's finances. The company's equity incentive policy for middle and senior managers has strengthened internal cohesion and enhanced everyone's enthusiasm and creativity. Next, we will give full play to the role of the capital market, consolidate and strengthen the company's position in the industry.

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  • Tel:0510-85343087 0510-83880062
    Address:Block 2, Area B-1, No. 93, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Xinzhou Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City
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